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Giulia Drummond is a singer-songwriter from Brazil now based in Scotland. Her musical background is filled with magical sonorities from all over the world, from Afro-Brazilian chants to celtic music, visiting bhuddist and hindu mantras, hebrew and sephardic music, in a constant research for as many influences she can find on what she refers to as Magical Music. By exploring these different music traditions, she also explores the languages, singing in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Gaelic, Latin, Hebrew, Haitian Criollo, Yoruba, Ladino…

Giulia’s first CD balão de poemagia (meaning something like poemagic balloon) was released in 2018, and the second, vôo dos balões entre as brumas (balloons flying in the mists) was released in 2020. Her performances are musical rituals, in which her deep voice, accompanied by a shruti box and different kinds of drums are the magical instruments, and songs take the audience to many enchanted places. Some say faeries dance and sing along with her.​

In 2021 she formed a duo with amazing violinist Eddy Hanson. Together, they're called Rituala. To know more about this very special project, check

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